Video 19 Oct

The old Senjaku ski course on Mt. Teine gets used as the site of some mountain bike races every year, so it’s not completely useless. The last photo is a sign that says “Be careful of ski theft.” And it’s so Japanese.


Video 13 Oct

Shrines get abandoned, too.


Video 4 Oct

An old roadside diner, down on route 235.


Video 29 Sep

The entry to Yubari’s amusement park. The blue sign is the price of everything.


Video 21 Sep

The water park in Yubari’s abandoned themepark. Several water slides and a few “waterfalls” as well as a wading pool. It’s one of the most obvious signs of what the area once was.


Video 14 Sep 1 note

Bits and pieces of the failed amusement park in Yubari.


Video 7 Sep 2 notes

Mine ruins in Yubari. The first photo is some sort of entrance into one of the many mines. It’s up on the grounds of the abandoned amusement part. So is the second photo. Not sure exactly what it is, but pretty sure it was part of a mining operation. The final photo is a building that has been repurposed as storage. Cool old building.


Video 31 Aug 5 notes

Even the road to Yubari has been abandoned! Well, that’s only kinda true. A newer, straighter road was built as a bypass, with a new tunnel at the top, so the old one was backfilled. The first photo is a billboard on the abandoned road for melon liqueur. The final photo is a roadside fruit stand for selling Yubari melon and the like.


Video 25 Aug 1 note

Some sort of concrete production thing, Tsugitate district of Kuriyama.


Video 18 Aug 1 note

This is yet another abandoned school (combined elementary and junior high), but it’s in a really strange place, way up the roqd in Tobetsu. There’s NOTHING around it, and there never has been that much. There is a cemetary sorta nearby, so there must have been a little bit more. But not a lot.


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